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Mural-Based Information Design

The increased complexity of the world often requires hundreds of factors to be considered in a single decision. Mural-based information design allows decision makers to consider many different viewpoints, interrelationships and context in one consistent visual composition.

It facilitates seeing the Big Picture as well as needed detail, allowing us to communicate Big Ideas about complex issues like sustainability, health care, foreign policy, nuclear waste, defence etc..

By showing all the elements involved in an organized and visual fashion, even those outside of the loop have a fair chance to grasp the complexity of big issues.

It encourages a truly public debate - not only interaction between experts. It makes complex topics available to an interested public so that they too can partake in the public discourse.


Why were Oregon jails the main providers of mental health services?

A Mess Map untangled the complexity.

What could multinational companies do to help reach a sustainable world?

A scenario map tracking the different issues and interventions helped.

example example
End goal of a backcasting scenario for sustainability

How do you deal with nuclear waste - when it takes a million years for radioactivity to reach normal background levels?

A strategy map gives direction.

How do you get insights into the Chinese elite, in order to devise foreign policy?

A worries and concerns map shows the big picture and the needed detail.

example example
Strategy goal for nuclear waste management
Sustainability dashboard - Where Are We Now?

Should the US develop a missile defense system?

An argumentation map shows the pros and cons.

Why and how does ethnic conflict evolve?

A stages map shows the different steps. This makes formulating interventions possible.

example example
Concerns and Fears of the Chinese Elite
Argumentation Map on National Missile Defense

How did the George W. Bush’s Palestinian-Israel policy come about?

Analyzing levels of influence and bringing them together increases understanding.

Project Map for scientific research at NASA
Mess Map of the relationship between employment and education given an aging population

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